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The Remarkable Bible (TRB) is a personal digital study bible, digital journal and daily guide to reading through the Old and New Testaments in one year.

So what is different about this digital bible? This is not an app. It is a pdf file with embedded hot links to navigate the entire bible. It works with a multitude of apps on many devices that support a stylus. Although it can be used without a stylus, it is designed to replicate pen and paper into digital form. It is made to be marked and remarked, highlighted and colored. The creative possibilities are endless and only limited by the device and app you choose to use.

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Best of all The Remarkable Bible is available completely FREE. We are working on different versions of the bible and will keep you up to date on progress and improvements.

Available Versions:
World English Bible modern english translation based on the American Standard Version. More info: World English Bible

King James Version in two column format with plenty of note space.

NET Bible® The NET Bible (New English Translation) is a completely new translation of the Bible with 58,506 translators’ notes! It was completed by more than 25 scholars – experts in the original biblical languages – who worked directly from the best currently available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. More info: NET Bible. Note: The translators notes are not included in The Remarkable Bible NET Bible versions at this time.

Read the sections below to get started:

What is The Remarkable Bible?

Because the Remarkable Bible is a pdf file, it can be opened on just about any computer or device. However, it is designed to be used with a stylus such as the Apple Pencil on the Apple iPad. What makes TRB unique is the entire bible is linked together with a Book and Chapter index as well as a one year Bible Reading Plan.

When opened in a suitable app that supports pdf linking, the result is a fully writable bible to mark, remark, highlight and draw on. The experience simulates a physical paper version. However, your writing never effects the original text. Now you can save your personal notes and bible forever in digital form and share them with your friends and family.

How do I install The Remarkable Bible?

A great advantage of using The Remarkable Bible is you get to choose the app that works best for you on your device. You are not locked into something that doesn't work for you. Most apps will even allow you to customize the cover page and decorate everything to suit your taste.

After the file is downloaded to your device or cloud, it can be opened with quite a few pdf supported apps. Our Compatible App Guide contains reviews and suggestions of our favorite apps and the list is expanding as new apps become available and tested. Instruction is provided to get the bible installed which is usually very easy and is just a few steps.

How do I use The Remarkable Bible?

Use The Remarkable Bible the same as you would for a physical paper bible. Write in the margins, underline, hightlight and circle text. Add images and links to web pages or other files.

Some apps allow two files to be opened side by side. Have The Remarkable Bible on one side and your sermon notes on the other (which was our motivation for making this). You can write in The Remarkable Bible on one side of your iPad screen while having extensive bible study sites, such as the amazing Blue Letter Bible open similtaneously on the other side. Using the latest Apple iPad, you can watch a streaming service and have TRB open along with sermon notes all together at the same time.

Check out our Compatible App Guide for more information.


Build a cover in your own software and add it into your bible using the features of your own app

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Book Index

Quickly navigate to any book

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Chapter Index

Navigate to Chapter

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Writable margins

Freely write and draw anywhere on the page. Depending on your app, you may add images, typed text and even links to web pages or other notebooks.

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Daily Reading Plan

Read the entire bible in one year reading plan available from every page in The Remarkable Bible

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Check list and notation

Freely write and draw anywhere on the reading plan page.

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The Remarkable Bible is distributed free of charge. No guarantee or warranty is implied. Support is limited, but we will answer inquiries as time permits.

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